Beverage Bottle Automatic Shrink Packing Machine

Beverages shrink wrap machine is generally a sleeve packaging form, it can pack dozens of cans, PET bottles, beverage, beer, cylindrical products and so on. This shrink wrap machine is highly space-saving and has diversified packaging forms.

It uses a special transparent film for packaging, fully automatic operation, from supplying materials to sealing products without manual operation.

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Advantage of beverage wrapped machine

This machine is highly automated, it can automatically feed film, cut, and punch. The width of the product can be freely adjusted manually.

It is divided into two types, tray packaging and non-tray packaging. It can be used alone or together with the production line. The upper and lower high-power fan system can complete a smooth and compact packaging in a short time.

The machine’s control panel is simple and safe to operate, and has imported frequency converters. The double-sized fan transmission system can ensure a perfect seal.

Beverage bottle shrink packing machine

Technical Date:

Power2KW 220/380V22KW 220/380V
Packaging Size L*W*HW+H≤700 mm1500*450*300 mm
Sealing/tunnel size700 mm1800*600*400 mm
Packaging Speed6-14ppm20-80ppm
Max Current10A35A
Machine Size2600*1350*2000 mm2700*900*1640 mm

The program of the whole machine can be adjusted by itself. This design breaks the previous single production method, and manual programming is simple and convenient. In addition to these, the machine is also equipped with a high-power dual-transport wind motor to ensure that the machine has sufficient circulating air volume to support it during operation. When sealing, there is a non-stick layer of Flow on the surface of the cutting knife. After sealing, the sealing line is clear, non-sticky, and has an automatic protection function to prevent accidental cutting of the package.

China Beverage Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shuntian produces shrink wrap machine for beverage for 20 years, it is widely used in food, fresh-keeping refrigerated food, etc. The company has excellent quality control personnel and many years of export experience. The company has established a good sales network around the world. If you need a quotation for this product, please contact us

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