curry powder sachet packing machine

Curry powder pouch sachet packing machine

  • Material Type: powder
  • Packaging Material: film
  • Max Packing Range: 5 kg
  • Min Order: 1 set
  • FOB Price: 2500 USD-28900USD

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Driven by increased quality requirements and increased cost pressures, the demand for further automation of packaging processes has increased both globally and domestically.
Shuntian will provide packaging machine solutions that are future-oriented, easy to operate, flexible and highly scalable to the world.

Packaging for curry powder:

1.3 side sealing pouch

2. Back sealing sachet

3. Stand up bags

4. Premade bags

curry powder pouch sachet packing machine

Technical Parameters

ModelDXD- 100HDXD- 500HDXD- 800H
SealingBack/3 sidesBack/3 sidesBack/3 sides
Packing speed(bags/ min)20-6020-6020-50
Bag size(mm)L50-170

W50- 120

L50- -200


L50- 200

W50- 280

Filling range(ml)10- 100100- 500100-800
Power(v/kw)220V/1 .8KW220V/1 .8KW220V/1 .8KW
Dimension (mm)790*600* 17801300*930*18501300*1080*2100

Curry powder packing machine adopts microcomputer metering device, accurate weighing, stable performance, simple operation: the body is fully sealed and equipped with dust removal port, reasonable structure, durable, and truly environmentally friendly production: small size, light weight, convenient adjustment and maintenance :Has many uses. This machine is not only used for powder packaging, but also for packaging other powdery and granular materials with good fluidity.

Why we choose curry powder pouch packing machine?

These new products have greatly improved the production efficiency of manufacturers and also saved labor. These sophisticated, highly automated, and low-energy fully automatic valve bag packaging machines have created more value for food production units and saved After more time, it has been deeply loved by customers. As the manufacturer of these automatic valve bag packaging machines, I also feel the convenience and advantages brought by the new automatic valve bag packaging machine, and continue to innovate technology. Efforts to improve product performance, better improve product performance, and better increase production for customers.

Advantage of curry packing machine

(1) The automatic curry powder packaging machine can obtain packages with consistent specifications according to the requirements of the packaged items, according to the required shape and size, and manual packaging cannot be guaranteed.
(2) Able to realize operations that cannot be achieved by manual packaging. Some packaging operations cannot be achieved by manual packaging and can only be achieved by automatic packaging.
(3) Labour frequency can be saved. For example, manual packaging of bulky and heavy products consumes energy and is not safe. For light and small products, due to the high frequency and monotonous movements, workers are likely to get occupational diseases.

What determines the price of curry powder sachet pouch packing machine?

The most important decision is based on customer needs.
1. Generally speaking, machines with high configuration materials have better performance and higher prices than machines with low configuration materials.
2. The speed of bag making per minute and the weight of the product will also affect the price of the machine
3. Different optional equipment, different price.
4. Quantity is also important, More quantity, lower price.

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