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Design of Weighing System of Curry Powder Packaging Machine

In the mass production process, the curry powder packaging machine needs to detect and correct important parameters such as processing location, packaging quantity, packaging speed, and material quality, otherwise it is difficult to ensure a good packaging effect. For this reason, this article describes the improvement method of the weight control system of the packaging machine, which realizes real-time display and monitoring. The whole system is stable and reliable, has reached the expected accuracy requirements, and the packaging effect is good.

curry powder sachet packing machine

After the packaging machine weighing system is processed, the practical performance of the packaging machine is greatly improved, thereby further achieving the effect of improving product quality. The design of the weighing control system of the curry powder packaging machine mainly focuses on the mechanical development method, and the design of electrical technology is limited to other related operations of the packaging machine. The packaging production process often depends on the experience of the actual operation manager. In recent years, although the research on the weighing system of the packaging machine in China has improved and improved on the electronic control, there is still a lot of room for improvement.1. The overall structure of the system The control system of the entire curry powder packaging machine is mainly composed of Siemens S7-200CN PLC, analogue input module EM231CN, S-type load cell, SMART700IE Siemens touch screen, various types of motors and transformers, etc. Among them, the input signal is automatic manual signal, start signal, stop signal, colour detection, signal full of detection materials, code offset to prevent motor overload detection, etc.; output signals include vertical sealed cylinder solenoid valve, horizontal sealed cylinder valve, solenoid valve Encoding cylinder, cylinder cutter solenoid valve, feed motor, film supply motor and air compressor, etc.2. Working principle of weighing system, The weighing management system can use the JLBS-P aluminium alloy S-type weighing pressure sensor (range 0~10V) to output the information quality and signal through the research. It adopts the 16-bit BSQ-2 transmitter and connects to the EM231CN analogue data input function module design. Realize A/D conversion, send the A/D value to S7-200PLC for processing, use the host computer to complete the setting and programming of China’s LCD touch screen SMART700IE and S7-200PLC; S7-200PLC adopts RS-485 mode and SMART700IE, host The machines communicate with each other.3.

Control system software design. Before opening the curry powder packaging machine, the V4.0STEP7MicroWINSP4 software was developed on the packaging machine control system platform. The system sends motor control commands in real time according to the parameters set by the user and the parameter information of the load cell, and carries out the packing actions of each link, and each action is connected through an appropriate delay.

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