How to reduce carton sealer machine maintenance cost?

As we all know, the electric baler has excellent performance but is expensive. Excessive maintenance costs are also one of the reasons why customers are reluctant to buy electric balers. For example, the prices of the wearing parts, tightening wheels, gear plates, and cutters are all over a thousand, which customers can hardly afford. Today Eric teaches you how to save the maintenance cost of the electric baler
How to save maintenance costs, you need to do two things:
First: Avoid the failure of the baler to the maximum extent
1. Operate the packer correctly
Do not exceed its applicable conditions;
Try to avoid damp or water in the circuit part of the machine;
To reduce wear and tear, please use a clean packing belt;
No empty hitting;
Do not set the tightening force of the case sealer machine to the highest level unless it is necessary, otherwise it will accelerate the wear of all parts;
Correctly choose and install the appropriate guide card, and place the packing belt correctly;
When the tightening action is in progress, be careful not to lift the belt pull rod directly, this kind of mechanical emergency stop will cause damage to the machine;
2. Reasonable maintenance of the baler
Open the side cover of the machine daily to remove debris and dust in the machine (do not use water-containing pressurized air), which can effectively increase the service life of the parts in the machine;
The machine is disassembled, cleaned and filled with lubricating oil every month, which can reduce the wear of some parts and extend the service life of the parts;
Do not easily use non-original parts to replace parts of this machine;
If the machine breaks down, please do not conduct rough disassembly without being familiar with the structure and performance of the machine. Please have it professionally or sent to our company for inspection and maintenance;
Second: to ensure that the electric baler enjoys sound after-sales service
When buying a baler, be sure to see whether it is “real cost performance” or “low price temptation”! Some bad business balers are indeed cheap, but they do not provide customers with after-sales service and will raise the price on the later maintenance costs. The gain is not worth the loss.

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