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Man-machine interface design of curry powder packaging machine

The man-machine interface of the curry powder packaging machine system includes six window components: template window, automatic control, single-action control, and manual control of the curry powder packaging machine. In addition to meeting the functional requirements of the user interface, the colour scheme is reasonable on the basis of a simple and beautiful appearance; a unified interface layout can give people a comfortable visual sense. According to the actual control of the automatic control system of the packaging machine, the following planning requirements are required for the design screen.

curry powder sachet packing machine

  1. Manual control window

The main technology of manual control window is used to analyse system design and debugging and take manual processing when the enterprise has problems and the system fails. Manual control can individually control a certain mechanism in the system, including the rotation of the conveyor motor. The manual and automatic motor speeds are independent, and the motor speed can be continuously modified when the motor is running manually, and it does not affect the motor speed during automatic operation. The display part of our country is mainly the display of sensor input related information, and the information feedback from the temperature sensor can be displayed intuitively during debugging.

  1. Automatic control window

The automatic control window is the core of the operating system, so that the corresponding detailed information on the screen, the window is divided into four areas: operation buttons, common function set, yield and fault information.

  1. Single action control window

The main function of the single-action control window is to customize the mechanism when the system is running. By selecting a corresponding check box by yourself, you can develop and run according to the selected company or block the corresponding institution. This function is very useful in debugging and trial operation. You can also select the check box on the screen by the student to press the institution or button site respectively Research and analyse and debug, and you can easily troubleshoot faults directly through our selection of social functions during fault adjustment.

  1. Settings window

Mainly for the setting of time parameters and other counter preset value parameters in the PLC program, you can set and modify the heat sealing and trimming time, vibration and levelling time. After the detection signal disappears, the system will stop after packaging a few packages.

Through the design of the curry powder packaging machine, the automatic adjustment and automatic monitoring of the packaging film temperature are realized, the packaging temperature and edge cutting temperature of the packaging film are optimized, the wrinkling and unsightly phenomenon of the packaging film are avoided, and the packaging efficiency is improved. The packaging temperature of the utility model is stable and the degree of automation is high, which is beneficial to reducing the labour intensity of workers, improving the economic benefits of the enterprise, and has strong application value.

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