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Shuntian packaging machine builds the core quality of quality

Quality is the core of the equipment, which means a voice for the development of an enterprise. With the in-depth development of reform and opening up, China ’s powder pouch packing machine and other packaging machine industries have also developed well, and have shown good development trends, product sales revenue, etc. The indicators have risen linearly. In the face of such a huge market, domestic packaging machine manufacturers are also very happy, and strive for development, but behind the joy, we also have to face some practical problems.

Semi auto L Bar Sealer Shrink-Tunnel STF 20LGBSTS 4525
Power3kw 220V 50/60Hz16kw 380V 50/60Hz
Packaging SizeW+H≤450mm(H≤150mm)L1200*W450*H250mm
Sealing SizeW520mmL1500*W500*H300mm
Packaging Speed20-60ppm20-60ppm
Maximum Current10A32A
Machine SizeL2050*W1580*H1740mmL2000*W1100*H1250mm

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