Shuntian successfully developed fully automatic case packing equipment

After a period of development, shuntian’s multi-functional fully automatic case packing equipment has officially debuted. This new type of packaging machine integrates a variety of high-tech. With this very high packaging efficiency, it is versatile and highly flexible. It is now possible to observe the test machine in the marketing center of shuntian machinery equipment co., Ltd.

This new type of packaging machine is developed by shuntian machinery equipment Co., Ltd. according to the increasing demand for carton sealer machine in China’s packaging market. Many new technologies and new breakthroughs have completely overturned the single operation mode of similar products. Not only can the case be automatically packaged, but also the packaging of disposable boxes such as cartons can be fully automated. This has a very high flexibility. It also makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional machinery in the China case packing equipment market, and is also created in the machinery industry.

The author learned from our technical staff that this mechanical product has very complete functions, not only frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic counting, but also single-sided or double-sided color printing according to customer needs, and the printing is clear and bright. It can complete a series of operations such as automatic feeding, packaging, sealing and cutting of toothpicks, chopsticks and other products, and it is fully automated, which greatly saves manpower and material resources, and has some economic value. There are so many functions, but our price is the same as the traditional packaging machine. It can be said that the price is very favorable, and the quality can be guaranteed. Once this product was put on the market, it was quickly praised by new and old customers.

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