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Structure design of curry powder packaging machine

The packaging machinery industry in my country is an emerging industry. Although it is developing rapidly, there are still many shortcomings because of the various drawbacks of traditional packaging machines. With the progress of mechatronics and the development of automatic control technology, higher requirements are put forward for the production efficiency, stability and reliability of packaging machines. Therefore, how to realize the intelligent, automated, and multi-functional packaging machinery of packaging machines has become the focus of domestic and foreign research.

curry powder sachet packing machine

A company in Shenyang cooperated with students from Shenyang Institute of Engineering and Management to develop a PLC-based electronic component curry powder packaging machine. According to the needs of the Chinese market for electronic component packaging, use PLC technology, inverter technology, etc. to design an intelligent packaging machine’s overall economic structure and motion control information system. The control environment system analysis can meet the packaging machine’s motion control capability requirements and improve The quality, precision and efficiency of enterprise packaging materials reduce the rate of defective products. The equipment has relatively high reliability, operability and maintainability, can effectively meet the actual work requirements of different customers, and is suitable for popularization.

This equipment is mainly composed of feeding conveyor belt feeding components, feeding conveyor belt unloading components, feeding port components, rotating telescopic cylinder rotating packaging bag components, feeding trough, lifting spiral sliding table components, supporting platform components, etc.

The equipment can realize the automatic packaging function of electronic components. The operator only needs to put the electronic components into the designated area of the material conveyor belt for material transportation and assembly, and the device can complete the transportation of the electronic components, the selection of the packaging bag, the transportation, the opening of the bag, and the electronic components enter the packaging through the conveyor port Bags, finished product packaging bags, and finished product packaging materials are transported to the designated location for work cycle. One person can operate multiple equipment at the same time, and the efficiency is more than 5 times higher than that of manual packaging, achieving the purpose of improving quality and efficiency. The power of the equipment is power and gas. The control system adopts programmable controller, human-machine interface and ball screw motor to realize automatic, stable and reliable operation of the packaging machine, realize precise control, increase output and reduce costs.

At present, the digitization of the survival pressure of my country’s manufacturing enterprises, the transformation and upgrading of information manufacturing technology, and the intelligence have become an urgent need for the development of my country’s manufacturing industry. Well-known domestic experts and researchers of packaging machinery and equipment have conducted extensive research. When smart manufacturing units, smart manufacturing production lines, smart manufacturing workshops, and smart manufacturing factories continue to enter the enterprise steadily, smart manufacturing needs to bring about new changes.

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