The occurrence of the industrial revolution has provided opportunities for technological progress in food packaging machinery

    It can be said that industrial production has been upgraded to a whole new level since the 16th century. Especially after the industrial revolution that began in the 1860s, industrial production has undergone a transitional change and it has replaced machines with humans. A large-scale factory-based production and technological revolution that replaced manual production in individual workshops. At the same time, the development of the packaging industry was also affected. For food packaging machinery, it was where the revolution began. The important period for achieving its future is an important period for guiding its birth and development.

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    The invention and use of machines in this era has become an important symbol. It is only after this revolution that the existence of various advanced machinery and equipment has laid the foundation and also opened the door to the technological revolution. Larger changes have promoted a great leap in the transformation of manual labor to power machine production. Subsequently, the Industrial Revolution began to spread throughout the European continent. It can be said that the development of industry is the continuation of the achievements of the Industrial Revolution technology and has gained the role of development.
    Each revolution is formed because industrial production cannot meet the needs of the current market, and new ways are urgently needed to change the current development situation, coupled with the performance of scientific and technological development, which has led to the birth of a form of technological revolution. For the food packaging machines currently in the rising stage, the technological revolution is also an important goal that it needs to achieve. Under the new trend, its development success will inevitably have new performance, and industrial development will therefore be one next step. Steps, so consumers’ lives have a more stable and efficient performance.
    It was only after the Industrial Revolution that people realized the importance of science and technology and showed its value in more aspects. Especially in the face of continuously progressing science and technology, more and more companies and commodities have developed. It needs to rely on its help, and the development of modern packaging industry is based on the rapid development of science and technology, which is also one of the important manifestations of packaging on the road to commercialization.

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