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Ways to increase the speed of curry powder packaging machine

This article starts with the control and action sequence of the curry powder packaging machine, studies the method of systematic comprehensive analysis, finds out the bottleneck factors that affect the speed of the curry powder packaging machine, and improves the packaging speed of the whole machine as much as possible. We start from the following aspects.

(1) If the movement of the transverse seal is driven by the cylinder, under certain circumstances, the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder should be minimized to meet the packaging requirements, and the intake air volume and cylinder pressure should be increased, and the solenoid valve can be selected for faster response. Some manufacturers also provide horizontal sealing plastic bag guides to avoid the finished bag filling the cylinder. When the front horizontal sealing is not completely opened, the bag can pass through, so the film action can start earlier, shortening the horizontal sealing and taking Connection time between membranes. It can be controlled in 0.2 seconds by improving the transverse sealing time TA1 and TA3.

curry powder sachet packing machine

(2) When designing the metering and filling mechanism, we must make the materials to avoid excessive dispersion of students, as far as possible through concentrated fall, adding a buffer gate above the horizontal seal is a more reasonable and effective measure, which can not only concentrate the materials, but also continuously reduce the impact of materials falling at high speed on the horizontal seal. After the improvement, the filling time can be controlled within 0.15 s.

(3) Reduce the downtime of the film: use a servo motor with a faster response speed for control, and use a cursor sensor to meet the premise of the bag to meet the accuracy requirements for higher sensitivity, try to increase the maximum motor speed value, the bag will take Control within 0.25 seconds.

Through continuous improvement of management and optimization, after mastering the timing action development law of the curry powder pouch packaging machine, the parameters can be accurately adjusted, and the actual work analysis timing of horizontal sealing, blanking, and filming, the general research work and learning process is: After the horizontal seal is closed, the materials will be delivered. When most of the materials are filled in place, the remaining materials will not affect the horizontal seal. When there is not much impact, the horizontal seal can be opened in advance. When the horizontal seal is opened to us After the social distance (allowing the packaging bag to pass through), the film movement starts. When the film is not completely finished, the next cycle of horizontal closing and closing action can also be designed in advance, as long as the film can be moved before the horizontal closing and closing After the action has basically ended.

With the development of packaging technology and the improvement of industrial manufacturing level, the new continuous multi-station curry powder packaging machine has gradually been applied. Its packaging speed is superior to that of the intermittent curry powder packaging machine and will replace the intermittent curry powder packaging machine as the future development direction.

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