What are the common faults of carton packers?

White plastic packaging belt electric heating baler is a new advanced electric packaging baler. It is mainly used for packaging and packaging of various small-size cartons, cardboards, profiles and other products by food companies and pharmaceutical companies. It is also suitable for packaging cartons with mechanical mould parts.
During use, the parts will wear out, the working environment is not good, it will cause the damage to the parts, and the machinery may not be packaged. Therefore, it is very important to find and eliminate the faults quickly. Properly maintain the mechanical parts, and will not come to repair because of a small failure, thus winning precious time and money. For an enterprise, time is money and can produce more products.
Here are a few prone to failure and maintenance methods.
Fault: Keep packing with
1) The cutter is worn out
Maintenance method: Check whether the cutters are worn or broken, if they are severely worn, replace them, and check whether the bearings of the cutters are damaged.
2) The gap between the cutters is too large
Maintenance method: Adjust the distance between the middle knife and the front knife, and adjust the distance between the middle knife and the front knife to a smaller size.
Malfunction: The tape is easy to break when packing
Reason: The tension of the baler is too large or the temperature is not enough
Repair method:
1 Reduce the tightening force of the baler
2 Increase the temperature of the hot head film until it can melt the packing tape.

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