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What kind of film is good for packaging and sterilizing tableware?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, eating out has become a habit! When eating in a hotel, you will definitely find that the tableware is packaged and looks very clean, but is the film of these packaging tableware really so “clean”? Today we will talk about these films:

In the catering industry, most manufacturers use a heat shrinking machine and a POF heat shrink film to pack the plastic film used to wrap sterilized tableware. This kind of film is widely used in the packing of food, medicine, beverage, alcohol and other products. The partially environmentally friendly heat shrinkable film POF can be degraded, but some small consumer companies, including unlicensed and unlicensed companies, use ordinary plastic films in order to reduce costs. The normal food and packaging film are not easy to produce toxic substances after heating, which is relatively safer for the human body, but still produces white pollution.

Packaging made of POF environmental protection film raw materials printing and processing, this series of products have good optical properties, strong shrinkage, clear patterns, bright colors, and brand logos. The tableware is packaged with it, and the sterilized melamine chopsticks are individually packaged to form a 6-piece set of personal tableware, one set for each customer, not only for sanitation, but also for cleaning and storage. Undoubtedly, it can give customers peace of mind and a good feeling after the meal. Shrink film bags can be processed into flat bags, arc-shaped bags, trapezoidal bags and other special-shaped bags.

After POF shrink packing, the four corners of the seal are plate, will not cut our hands. After using PVC shrink packing, the four corners of the seal are sharp, which is easy to cut and bleed. In terms of hygiene and health, POF is non-toxic, does not produce toxic smell during processing, and conforms to US FDA and USDA specifications; while PVC is toxic, processing will produce odor and toxic gas, and it is gradually prohibited.

Now you know “what kind of membrane is for disinfecting tableware to be clean and rest assured”? For more packaging information, Shuntian Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of sealing and cutting machines (automatic sealing and cutting machines, semi-automatic sealing and cutting machines) and heat shrinking machines, check it out! Shuntian is a professional manufacturer of packaging machinery, among which sealing and cutting machines, automatic sealing and cutting machines, heat shrinking machines and other products are favored by the packaging industry! If you want to know, please inquire, Shuntian 24-hour service hotline: 133 0206 3626.

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