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Why choose Shuntian pallet stretch film machine inverter

The turntable in-line film wrapping machine manufactured by Shuntian is a packaging machine that adapts to assembly line operations. It is very suitable for the needs of automated packaging of modern enterprises. It plays a very positive role in improving packaging efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and effectively using human resources.
If the power of the inverter selected by the user is less than the power of the motor, or the article placed on the turntable is greater than the load-bearing capacity of the winding machine, the inverter will suddenly stop due to overload operation during the operation of the stretch wrap machine, and the user can start again The equipment continues to work, but if it works like this for a long time, the components in the frequency converter will be greatly damaged, and will age over time, and then the equipment will stop working completely.
The turntable needs a lot of power during the rotation process. The source of this power is the motor. Since the winding film machine is mostly frequency conversion speed control, the corresponding motor must be equipped with the corresponding frequency converter. Generally speaking, the power of the frequency converter It must be equal to or greater than the motor, so that it will be more stable during the operation of the equipment. Therefore, if the customer’s goods are lighter, choose a smaller inverter; if the customer’s goods are heavier, choose a larger inverter. Customers should choose the appropriate inverter according to the actual situation.