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We specializes in the professional development and production of shrink packaging machines, automatic shrink packaging machines and semi-automatic shrink packaging machines for more than 20 years. We have adopted the advanced technology from home and abroad to improve our technique continuously.

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We provide a wide range of shrink packaging machine with high quality and competitive price. Shrink packaging machine dealer provides all kinds of shrink packing machines, such as single head machine, double head machine, four heads machine and so on.

Also, we provide complete solution for your packaging problems which includes shrink film for packaging machine, shrink label embosser machine and other related equipments.

we are a professional shrink packaging machine manufacturer and supplier.our machines can be used in the packaging of cosmetics, food, electronic products and other plastic package products.

Information about shrink wrap industry:

Shrink wrapping is a film that shrinks when heated to create a tight, airtight seal around various products. A shrink wrap machine is used to heat the material and apply strong pressure to provide an effective barrier against moisture and dust.

Shrink wrap is a re-usable tube of transparent plastic that shrinks to fit the size of your product, sealing it tightly. Shrink wrap has many benefits, including: improving hygiene and food safety, reducing product movement and damage, extending the shelf life of products, brand building and promotion.

Shrink wrap is a form of packaging that involves shrinking a plastic film or sheet over a product to create a seal. This special packaging seals products in three dimensions, providing protection from dust, dirt and moisture. The material used for example shrink wrap comes in various types and sizes with each having different properties.

The following video on how to use shrink wrap machine

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