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Shrink wrap vs stretch wrap – Shuntian

Shrink Wrap VS Stretch Wrap

Shrink wrap vs stretch wrap, is now more popular way of two kinds of packaging, but their use is slightly different, there also exist differences in the use, We can’t say what kind of packing is good, only to choose appropriate one, so the customer want to know about these two kinds of packing way, choose suitable way of packing, the following small make up for you to introduce the difference between shrink wrap vs stretch wrap.

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What is stretch wrap?

Stretch wrap: Stretch wrap is a new packaging technology that was introduced in the 1970s. It developed from shrink packaging. Stretch packaging is a kind of packaging method which relies on the mechanical device to stretch and wrap the elastic film around the package at normal temperature, and seal the end of it.

Because stretch wrap does not require heating, it consumes only one-twentieth of the energy of shrink packaging. Stretch packaging can be used to bundle individual items, also can be used for pallet packaging and other collective packaging.

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What is shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap: Shrink wrap is a wrapping technology that uses shrink film to wrap objects (or inner packages), and then heat the film properly so that the film shrinks and sticks to the objects (or inner packages).

Shrink film is a kind of specially polyethylene film of the drawing and cooling process, due to shrinkage film produced when directional tensile residual stress, the stress under a certain heat will be eliminated, so that the transverse and longitudinal contraction, at the same time increase the thickness of the film, shrinkage rate is usually 30% to 70%, a maximum contraction force in cooling stage, And can maintain for a long time.

shrink film material

In the process of plastic film manufacturing, the molecular oriented film is stretched and cooled at the temperature above the softening point. When it is reheated, it has the tendency to return to the state before stretching. Shrinkage packaging is developed by using the thermal shrinkage performance of plastic film.

The size of the appropriate heat-shrinkable film is covered outside the packaged goods, and then heated briefly with a hot air oven or hot air spray gun, the film will immediately shrink, tightly wrapped in the outside of the goods. Packaging items can be single pieces or in an orderly arrangement. See cans, bottles, cartons, etc.

The use of shrink machine for packaging plays a very good beautification and practicality, the use of environmental and human pollution-free, recyclable reuse or renewable packaging materials and products of the packaging is called green packaging.

Stretch packaging if the use of manual operation, generally put the packaging in a shallow tray, especially soft and brittle products, if not tray is easy to damage. Multiple packaging of scattered products also need to tray, but the product itself has a certain rigidity and strength can also be used when the tray.

If part or all processes in stretch packaging are mechanized or automated, labor can be saved and production efficiency can be improved. The main links of automatic stretch packaging are winding and stretching. Now there are mechanical equipment to fully mechanize these processes.

From a large scope, wrapped film packaging and heat shrinkable packaging are part of the film packaging series, but their packaging field and packaging products have a very big difference, many customers for the first time may not be very understand, the following AI information and you share the main differences between wrapped film packaging and heat shrinkable packaging.

1.Different devices used. There is no doubt that winding film packaging uses winding packaging machine, and heat shrinkable packaging uses heat shrinkable packaging machine, and heat shrinkable packaging has a heating process, but winding packaging does not.

2.packaging items of different sizes. Wound packaging is generally used for large items, such as luggage, pallets, pallets and pallets. Heat shrinkable packaging, on the other hand, wraps relatively small items, such as disposable tableware, facial mask boxes, mobile phone boxes, etc.

3.Different packaging effects. Wrap packaging can not only play the role of waterproof and moisture-proof, but also play a certain role of fastening, prevent the goods loose in the process of transportation. But winding packaging has a disadvantage that the transparency is not good. The transparency of the heat shrinkable packaging is very good, but it can not be fastened, and it can only play a simple waterproof and dustproof role.

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What is stretch wrap used for

Stretch film is a commonly used packaging material, which can be manually packaged or packaged with a pallet wrapping machine. Stretch film has a good packaging effect, which can play a role in preventing moisture, dust, corrosion, and scattering. It is a better packaging method. So, which industries are the stretch films mainly used in? Generally speaking, the industries that will use stretch film include food and beverage, printing industry, wood flooring, cosmetics, ceramics and electrical machinery, etc., especially for the packaging of some small parts, which can effectively prevent scattering and cost-effective.

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Is Color Stretch Film Environment-friendly Packaging Material?

Colored PE stretch film is made of the same material as other white or transparent stretch films, but different colors are added to produce our colorful PE stretch film. They are extruded by an extruder, and the color PE stretch film has high tensile strength, puncture resistance and good wear and impact resistance.

In many cases, our color PE stretch film has good self-adhesive, because they are made of different resins.

Because they can well fix our goods, prevent them from being scattered or damaged by collision in the process of transportation, and can also effectively prevent the pollution of the products by dust.

Because our color PE stretch film is produced by polyester products, can be recycled, is conducive to the recycling of environmental resources.

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