Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine

A side sealer shrink wrap machine is a type of packaging machinery used to wrap products in shrink film for protection and display. The machine uses a sealing bar to seal the edges of the film together and create a bag around the product. The bag is then sent through a heat tunnel, which shrinks the film tightly around the product to create a secure, tamper-resistant package.

The “side sealer” refers to the sealing mechanism of the machine, which seals the two sides of the film together to form a bag. This is different from other types of shrink wrap machines, such as L-bar sealers, which use a single sealing bar to seal the film on three sides of the product.

Side sealer shrink wrap machines are commonly used in industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and retail for packaging products such as boxes, bottles, cans, and other items of various sizes and shapes.

The side sealing machine adopts international advanced technology and adopts advanced side sealing device. The packaging length is not limited. Double sealing and cutting can also be selected according to product specifications. The waste film produced during packaging is automatically reminded. The equipment performance is higher and more stable. Equipped with imported inspection photoelectricity, suitable for large and heavy goods. Such as fully enclosed PE heat shrinkable packaging for floors, door panels, ceramics, furniture, electrical appliances and other products.

1. Advanced bilateral sealing technology, continuous sealing, unlimited product length. It is especially suitable for PE fully enclosed packaging for long, wide and heavy products.
2. Adopt electronic touch screen and “OMRON” program controller to realize the integration of machine, electricity and gas.
Can achieve excellent sealing strength.
3. Especially designed for heavy and super large objects.
4. The sealing line can be in any position according to the needs of product packaging.
5. It is suitable for PE shrink film with a thickness of 0.03 ~ 0.06 mm.
6. According to the needs of customers, it can add front and rear conveying, output mechanism and color film positioning function.
7. Humanized operation interface, easy to use.
8. Imported dual air motors are used to distribute the hot air evenly in the furnace cavity.
9. Different sizes of products can also be combined with packaging to achieve the effect of promotion.
10. Equipped with imported inspection photoelectricity, a group of horizontal and vertical inspection.
11. Using PE film, suitable for long-distance transportation and frequent handling.

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