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Shrink Wrapping Machine For Bottles

The bottle shrink wrap machine produced by our company is widely used in the industries of light industry, food, chemical supplies, SEC, ceramics, handicrafts, gifts, printing, color boxes, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, electronics, cosmetics, cosmetics, etc. Wait. Improve the salesability of items through packaging, and can be sealed, moisture-proof, and moisture-proof.The following is a series of shrink wrapping machines that can be used for boxes. Please provide your technical parameters, so that we can better recommend the corresponding box shrink wrap machine.

shrink wrapping machine for bottle

Video for bottle shrink wrap machine

After years of hard research and design, our factory has produced this kind of production equipment with high performance, which makes up for the shortcomings of traditional production machinery, making the enterprise more competitive in the market and occupying a more favorable position in the market. The characteristic of this equipment is that it adopts stainless steel mesh chain to transport, which has better load bearing capacity and longer life; special processing sealing cutters make the temperature control more accurate and the sealing is firmer; the advantages of faster packaging stereotypes. The shrink wrapping  machine produced by our factory are all controlled by microcomputer, which is helpful for the operator to adjust the heating temperature, speed and other working conditions in real time during production, basically realize automation, greatly improve productivity, reduce enterprise costs, and can be based on Customers require customization.

Three categories of bottle shrink wrap machine:

1. Bottleneck shrinking machine: It is only limited to shrinking the neck part, such as edible oil, chemical materials, the bottle body cannot be heated, and the shrink film material is lighter and easy to blow. Therefore, when choosing a shrinking machine, you should choose a shrinking machine designed for this purpose.
2. Label shrinking machine: also called all-in-one machine, it only shrinks the bottle body and mouth, which is different from the traditional shrinking machine. This machine is mostly suitable for shrinking labels, so it is also called label shrinking machine in the industry.
The above two types of shrinking machines are equipped with conveyor lines, but the width of the conveyor lines is limited. Unable to transport large packages. Therefore, Shuntian launched a non-conveyor bottleneck shrinking machine, which customers can fix on the existing conveyor line. Just adjust to the corresponding height. This is how it is solved like a big bucket of water.
3. Whole bottle shrinking machine: It shrinks the whole bottle, the packaging is tighter and more hygienic.

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