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The Definite Guide:how to choose best shrink wrap machine?

Heat shrink packaging has become a popular packaging method. With the simultaneous rise of technology and economy, the shrink wrap machine has been produced. It has become a kind of packaging machinery which is commonly used. It mainly uses the principle of heat shrink to wrap the product with a heat shrink film, which is beneficial to the storage and aesthetics of the product and improves the quality of the package. Such advanced and popular equipment is of course very concerned about the quality of production, so how to choose the best shrink wrap machine with good quality?

How to choose an automatic shrink wrap packaging machine? If you need to buy a fully automatic heat shrink film packaging machine, it is recommended that you understand the relevant knowledge of the heat shrinkable machine, and pay special attention to some purchase precautions. So what aspects need to be considered and what issues should be determined? So today I will take you to find out!

For the selection of shrink wrap machine, the first thing to confirm is the manufacturer’s problem. Which one is good for the shrink wrap machine manufacturer is more important to the customer who purchases the shrink wrap machine equipment, so choose the appropriate shrink wrap machine equipment, prerequisite Is to choose a good manufacturer, how should we choose?


automated shrink wrap machines

How to choose shrink wrap machine factory?

  1. The first thing is to look at the age of the sealing machine manufacturer.

In principle, the earlier a carton sealing machine manufacturer is established, the more reliable its products and the better the quality. Because his products have been tested in the fiercely competitive market, if their quality is not too hard, they will fall a long time ago. The so-called “hundred-year-old shop”, everyone believes in the power of the old brand, this is the truth.

  1. The second thing is to look at the scale of the sealing machine manufacturer

This is undoubtedly, of course, the larger the scale, the better. If a certain manufacturer is just a non-workshop with more than a dozen people, it is usually difficult to guarantee the product quality. If the manufacturer has a large scale, long product line, and standardized management, it means that he has accumulated rich experience in the field of sealing machine production and has the strength in this area.

  1. Looking back at the technical strength of the sealing machine manufacturers

How to choose shrink wrap machine?

  1. The quality of the heat shrink machine itself. The quality of the automatic shrinking machine cannot be ignored, and the quality determines the smooth progress of future production. It’s the same as we usually buy other items, we all hope to buy good quality products, which not only reflects the overall effect, but also is durable. The automatic shrinking machine is a kind of mechanical product, and the requirements for quality are more stringent. Therefore, the quality of the equipment should be inspected from all aspects of the manufacturer.
  2. Product demand. The original intention of buying a heat shrinking machine is to package the product, if the machine you buy is not suitable for packaging your own products, it will be meaningless. For example, electrical packaging requires a heat-shrinking machine suitable for larger packaging sizes, while some beverage packaging needs to be able to pack multiple products and ensure the shrinking effect. Therefore, when purchasing, pay attention to choosing a heat shrinking machine that is suitable for the needs of your own industry.
  3. High degree of automation and excellent machine performance. When choosing machine packaging, automation is your fancy, which can bring higher production efficiency to the enterprise while also bringing greater benefits to the enterprise. The performance of the machine guarantees the smooth progress of the packaging process.
  4. Power selection: The heat shrink packaging machine and the winding machine consume a lot of power, so the input power must be greater than the nominal power on the shrinking machine’s nameplate, otherwise it is easy to burn the circuit or electrical components.
  5. The choice of packaging film is very important: packaging film, because the shrinkage effect is closely related to the film, sometimes the packaging effect is not necessarily due to the relationship between the equipment, and it may also be the relationship between the film. This kind of tableware shrinkage generally uses POF Come to pack.
  6. Consider the load-bearing capacity of the automatic shrink film packaging machine. According to the different items to be contracted, the load-bearing capacity of the shrinking machine is also different. Some have a maximum of 20KG and some are 50KG. Therefore, you must pay attention to the load-bearing problem when purchasing. If the load-bearing is too light, the service life of the machine will be greatly shortened, or even impossible. If it is used too heavy, the cost will increase.
  7. Do you need semi-automatic equipment or fully automatic equipment. The semi-automatic shrinking machine generally has only one shrinking machine. For the automatic shrinking machine, there is a film sealing and cutting machine in front. The main function is to cover the film. Generally, if the output is large or the items are relatively large, you can choose to use the semi-automatic one. Anyway, Generally, fully automatic machinery is selected.
  8. Consider the heating method the product will use. The heating method of the shrinking machine is different. Some are heated by quartz tubes, and some are heated by steel pipes. Is the former cheaper and the latter more expensive, but the quartz tube is considered a vulnerable part in the shrinking machine, which is easier to damage, but the steel pipe is not easy damage
  9. Determine the shrinkage effect to be achieved. If possible, you can bring your own items to the seller to test it out to see if the effect is satisfactory.
  10. Finalize the price of shrinking machine. No matter whether it is the lowest price or the highest price, the shrinking machine in the market will not break through a “degree”. Try not to choose the cheapest, especially the price is incredible, because this kind of machinery is likely to be problematic, if you don’t pay special attention to the brand, you can choose an intermediate price. The price of the general brand of shrinking machine is relatively high. some.

According to the company’s own production needs, choose a fully automatic shrinking machine suitable for its own production. For example, beer companies have higher requirements for the flexibility of the fully automatic shrinking machine. You can choose flexible small-size cluster beer packaging. Products are easy to carry, and some food industries require automatic shrinking machines to be diversified, which is conducive to promotion activities. Of course, there are other types of needs. Manufacturers should determine which functional equipment to choose according to their needs.

You need to determine the form you need to package the items. Generally speaking, there are two types of packaging for automatic shrink film packaging machines, one is a fully enclosed type and the other is a cuff type. The closed type is all wrapped, such as board-packed milk or cosmetic boxes, and the cuff type has a small mouth on both sides, which is generally used for beverages, mineral water, beer, etc. The two types of shrinking machines are different, so be sure to determine the packaging form of your items.

It is suitable for enterprises to choose different assembly lines.

One is mainly to choose from the classification of assembly lines:

1. According to the classification of functions, the assembly line is divided into production assembly line and transmission assembly line. This enterprise can choose which assembly line according to its own situation.

2. Conveying forms are divided into four types of conveying methods: flat linear transmission lines, various angle flat turning transmission lines, inclined plane upload lines, and inclined plane downward transfer lines. Enterprises can also choose their own suitable conveying method according to their own product production conditions.

Secondly, you should understand the composition and function of each part of the assembly line when purchasing the assembly line:

1. Power: The main components of the power part of the assembly line are: motor, gear reducer, manual transmission, frequency converter, frame base and electrical appliances. The motor part is mainly about the power. When the manufacturer chooses the assembly line, it should be configured according to the length of the line body, the width of the conveyor belt, the density and size of the workpiece, and so on. The manual transmission and frequency converter are the accessory choices when purchasing the assembly line. Only one of the two is sufficient. The manual transmission is more economical. Compared with the frequency converter, the main disadvantages are: high noise, small speed range, manual adjustments-dangerous!

2. Fuselage: The main components of the assembly line fuselage are: rails, brackets, rollers, conveyor belts, foot cups, pallets, etc. Among them, the pallet is an optional accessory, and the other items are all necessary accessories to form the basic line body! The specifications and quantity of these accessories are determined by the length of the line body. The big difference in the fuselage is the material. The material of this part of the accessories will largely determine the price of the whole set of equipment! Therefore, you must fully consider your own usage when purchasing an assembly line. The materials commonly used for the fuselage part are: carbon steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc.! The price is low for carbon steel and high for stainless steel. Conveyor belts currently commonly used in the electronics industry are 2mm, 3mm thick green PVC anti-static conveyor belts; green PVC anti-static conveyor belts and stainless steel mesh belts used in the plastic industry.

3. Workbench: There are two common forms of assembly line workbench, stand and bar. Users can purchase assembly lines according to their own habits and needs.

4. Light stand, lighting: Light stand is a necessary accessory for installing lighting, instrument panel and instruction book, and the material is the same as the body. When users purchase assembly lines, lighting tubes can also be selected according to their needs.

5. Instrument panel: The width of the assembly line instrument panel is matched with the body, and the length is generally the same as the line body.

In fact, this is a series of overall systematic inspection standards involving a manufacturer’s technical strength, service quality, and after-sales guarantee. First of all, the sealing machine manufacturer must have a strong R&D team, as well as a strong sales and service team. In this way, the buyer of the sealing machine can buy it with confidence and use it happily.

After confirming the manufacturer we choose, we should also consider the question of what kind of packaging our packaging products need to be packaged, and what model of the machine we choose? The carton sealing machine can be divided into top, bottom carton sealing machine and side carton sealing machine according to the different sealing positions. The way your products are packaged also affects what form of sealing machine you should choose. Generally, the down-throwing packing method is suitable for the top and bottom sealing machines. Such as bag packaging in the food industry, Tetra Pak and Tetra Pillow in the dairy industry. Horizontal push-type packing is suitable for choosing a side sealing machine, such as full box packing of cans, some carton-type packing, etc.

We should choose the principle of proximity, so that we can avoid the problem of maintenance after purchase. If the distance of the machine is too far, if the machine fails, the technician of the manufacturer will not be able to arrive on the same day, it will delay our Production will damage our production interests.

The choice of manufacturers must choose manufacturers with production strength, so that customers can help the performance and quality of the machine when they purchase, and also have a very important role in the after-sales maintenance of the machine.

For the selection of manufacturers, our customers should conduct on-site inspections, test the operation of their products, ensure that we can purchase with confidence, and ensure that no wrong information will appear after purchase.

Science and technology determine productivity. The high-quality shrink film packaging machine has advantages in many aspects, and it can bring outstanding performance in production, and the equipment itself can perform better in shrinking effect. So when choosing, it is important to test whether the equipment can bring perfect production quality.