Stretch Wrap Machine Troubleshooting

When customers use stretch wrap machine, they meet some troubleshooting, do you know how to slove it?Here we introduce some tips.

1.Abnormal noise of the stretch wrap machine chassis

The concept of stretch wrap machine is actually very extensive, including tray wrapping machine, cantilever wrapping machine, horizontal wrapping machine, cylinder wrapping machine and self-propelled wrapping machine, etc. Today, Shuntian will share with you the handling of abnormal noise of the stretch wrapping machine chassis The solution is mainly for pallet wrapping machines. Other wrapping machines do not have a chassis, so this solution is not applicable. There are abnormal noises in the chassis of the wrapping machine, which are generally divided into two situations:

1.1. New machine. If a new stretch wrapping machine arrives at the customer site and finds abnormal noise, it is mostly caused by the user’s insufficient level of ground. Because the chassis of the stretch wrapping machine is carried by 6 radial nylon rollers, if the ground is uneven, the contact surface of the 6 rollers will be uneven when rotating, so there will be abnormal noises.

1.2. Old equipment. If the abnormal noise occurs after the wrapping machine has been used for a long time, and the equipment is not moved, it is mostly caused by the wear of the nylon roller. Nylon roller is a fragile accessory on the wrapping machine. It will wear out after a long time of use. In addition, the customer may not be completely centered when placing the product, resulting in uneven force on the 6 trays. The wear of the nylon roller is very common. Yes, you only need to replace the new roller at this time.

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2.The turntable does not turn

2.1. PLC has no output-replace

2.2. The device parameters are set incorrectly-set again according to the requirements

2.3. The winding machine chassis does not rotate (E-type equipment)-replacement

2.4. The frequency converter is burned out, the phenomenon is that there is no display-replace

2.5. The disc motor itself is faulty-use a multimeter or a shaking meter to check whether the motor is missing or broken down, if it cannot be repaired on site, replace the motor

2.6. The turntable reducer itself is faulty-replace

2.7. The chain is broken-adjust the distance between the large and small sprockets and the connecting chain, if the chain is damaged, replace the chain

2.8. The connection between the disc reducer and the sprocket is not normal-change the connection flat key

3.The turntable needs to be pushed to start

3.1. The start time of the stretch packaging machine inverter slow start setting is too long-reset

3.2. The DIP switch is damaged-overhaul the DIP switch

4.The turntable cannot slow up or stop

4.1Wrong setting of inverter parameters for winding machine-reset

5.The possible causes of the noise when the turntable is turned up are as follows:

5.1. Individual support rollers are severely worn-replace the support rollers

5.2. Uneven ground-request users to tidy up or change the place of placement

6.The inverter displays an overload alarm

6.1Unstable voltage-improve power quality or adjust frequency conversion acceleration and deceleration time

7.The reasons and solutions for the damage of the active rubber roller and film frame connector (square rod) are as follows:

7.1. Damaged during transportation-replacement

7.2. Man-made crash-replacement

8. The reasons and solutions for the film feeding speed of the film frame of the wrapping machine cannot be adjusted are as follows:

8.1. The DC speed control box is damaged and has no output-replace

8.2. Individual pallet wheels are severely worn-replace the supporting wheels

4 major parts of the stretch wrap machine that need to be maintained

The maintenance of the equipment runs through the beginning and the end of the equipment use, and the stretch wrap machine is no exception. Although the maintenance of the equipment is similar, it is different for each type of equipment. The following Axiomtek uses the winding machine as an example. Can you introduce the four major parts that need to be paid attention to during the maintenance of the wrapping machine:

  1. The chassis of the wrappingmachine. The wrapping machine chassis is actually a radial rotating structure. This structure will rust and become astringent after a long time. The most obvious manifestation is abnormal noise during the operation of the machine. Generally, maintenance should be carried out when this happens. Here, grease should be added to the chain and slewing bearing every March. According to the wear and tear of the nylon wheel around the turntable, it is recommended to replace one set every 8-10 months, and turn the turntable manually before starting the shift every day. To
  2. Maintenance of the film frame chain. The back and forth movement of the film frame actually relies on the chain to move back and forth. These chains also need to be maintained. The chain and guide wheels are added with butter every 3 months, and the film frame is moved up and down manually every time it is turned on.
  3. Maintenance of the inside of the film frame. The film out of the film frame is generally used as a pre-stretching mechanism, and the driving gear and the rubber hanging roller are worn out. They are replaced in 8-10 months according to the wear condition. The film out swinging roller detects the swing flexibility and the sensitivity of the detection switch every week.
  4. Maintenance of photoelectric sensor. Cargo height detection and lighting are now mostly in photoelectric mode, which regularly detects photoelectric sensitivity and signal feedback.

Above is the introduciton of stretch wrap machine troubleshooting, if you need more information, please contact:

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