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Tea Bag Packing Machine – Shuntian

Best Tea Bags Filling And Packing Machines For Sale

We are the most famous manufacturer in the field of tea bag packing machine in China.We supply DXDK-100NWD,DXDK-100NWA,DXDK-40WZM series.It is widely used for small business.

tea bag machine with string and tag

Double Chamber Tea Packing Machine With String And Tag

  • Model:DXDK-100NWD
  • Filling range(ml):3-15
  • Packing speed(bag/min):30-50
  • Tag size(mm):W:40-55 L:20-24
  • Thread length(mm):155
  • Inner bag size(mm):W:50-80L :50-70
  • Outer bag size(mm):W:70-90L :80-120
  • Power(V/KW/HZ);220V/3.7KW/50Hz
  • Dimension(mm) L*W*H:900*610*1500
  • Machine Weight(Kg):450

Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

  • Packing Speed: 25-55 bag/min
  • Sealing: Use two high frequency ultrasonic device at vertical and horizontal to sealing and cutting the pyramid tea bag
  • Bag shapes: pyramid bag and flat four corner bag
  • Packing film: the standard mesh fabric, which is suitable for high frequency ultrasonic
  • Film width: 120mm,140mm,160mm,180mm
  • Filling range:2±0.5g/bag( can be customized)

As A Triangle Tea Bag Filling And Sealing Machine Factory, It is capable of forming a triangular-shaped triangle from non-woven fabrics, with ultrasonic seamless sealing. This makes the tea bags look more attractive, and helps preserve their freshness.

triangle tea bag packing machine
outer and inner tea bag packing machine

Outer And Inner Tea Bag Filling And Sealing Machine

  • Maximum:
  • Vertical line number:
  • Packing speed:
  • Bag length range:
  • Bag width range:
  • Filling range:

The outer and inner tea bag packing machine is an automatic, multi-functional tea packaging machine that can produce both inner and exterior bags. Its dual-bag design helps you customize the size and shape of your bags according to your production requirements.

Check out the following video on tea bags packaging machines are used

Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine With String And Tag

Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Video For Outer And Inner Tea Bag Packing Machine

What’s the tea packing machine?

A tea bag packing machine is a computer-controlled device that automatically fills the inner and outer packs with tea. The inner pack can be printed to add a unique, appealing label to the package. The operator of a tea bag packing machine feeds the required length, weight, and machine speed into the device, then adjusts the settings accordingly. Before purchasing a tea bag packaging system, consider the feasibility of your business model.

Type of tea packing machines:

  • According to the shape classification: triangle tea bag packing machine, square tea bag packing machine and round tea bag packing machine
  • Classified according to the number of bags, there are two types: single sachet and double chamber sachet. The former is used for single-layer tea bag packaging machine, and the latter is used for double-layer tea bag packaging machine. Both types use different materials for the outer bag and inner bag, so the machines are ideal for different production demands.
  • According to the degree of new and old, there are new condition automatic tea bag packing machine and used tea bag packing machine
  • According to the bag size, there are tea pouch packing machine and mini tea bag packing machine
  • Classified according to packaging products, there are green tea bag packing machine, red tea bag packing machine, white tea bag packing machine and so on.
  • According to packaging materials, there are nylon tea bag packing machine, filter paper tea bag packing machine, laminated tea bag packing machine.
  • According to the automatic degree, there are fully automatic tea bag machine and manual semi-automatic tea bag packing machine

How to package tea bags?

A tea bag packing machine is a highly efficient piece of equipment that packs loose or ground tea and other types of ground products into single-use tea bags. The process involves filling the tea bag with the proper amount of tea and sealing it to create a seal that is both attractive and hygienic.

The double-chamber tea packing machine with string and tag has two chambers that pack the tea in outer plastic sachets. After the tea is brewed, the outer chamber inserts the filter sachet and fills it. Then, the machine packs the single-use tea bags into an inner bag with a thread or hard tag. The machine can package 400 bags per minute. Moreover, the double-chamber tea packing machines are easy to use, and the double chamber designs allow for hygienic handling.

The inner and outer tea bag packing machine has three major parts. The outer chambers contain the chambers where the tea is placed. The internal chamber is for the packaging of the teabags. The outer chambers are connected by a conveyor system. The outer bag contains the tea, which is filled into the inner chamber. The inner compartment is made of filter paper and thread. The entire process is monitored by a PLC. Then, the bags are inserted into the packaging boxes.

Triangle tea bag packing machine uses a volumetric cup filler. It can easily measure the amount of tea needed for a single serving with its sliding measuring cup. The entire machine is made of stainless steel, including the metering bucket. A variety of raw teas can be processed with the machine. The pyramid tea bag packing machine is very easy to maintain and clean. It can be used for different types of raw teas, including herbal and flower-based blends.


Material Design

We provide suggestion for  tea bag packaging material , and printing it as your requirement.

Swift Support

7/24 pre sale service

Lifetime after-sales service

E-Commerce Solutions

Providing the tea bag machine with your requirement and your budget.First-class cost performance

Feature for the tea bag packing machine

1.This type of tea bag filling and sealing machine does not require a workbench or additional equipment, and you can choose to install different types of accessories.

2.You will also have the flexibility of setting different parameters for your product.

3.It can be used to pack loose or packaged tea.ed for a single serving with its sliding measuring cup

4.It can automatically complete the steps of material bag making, weighing and measuring, date printing, product sealing and cutting, etc.

Benefit of using tea bag filling and sealing packing machine

1.The PID temperature control ensures perfect sealing and prevents the contents of the bags from touching the outer package.

2.Its flexible and adjustable capacity allows you to meet different packaging requirements.

3.Single-piece tea bag filling and sealing machine can handle hundreds of bags at once, and it can be used to store a wide variety of products.

4.Compared with the manual tea packing machine, the ROI of automatic tea bag packaging machine is high.

5.No filter needed, simple, quick

6.The small tea bag packing machine suitable for small business

7.It helps you boost your productivity and boost your business’s profit. This machine will increase your sales

8.A good tea pouch packing machine will maintain the tea’s flavor and make it easy to transport and brew.

Tea Bag Packing Machine, Shuntian – China Premier Supplier

.Strong production adaptability, unmanned operation
.Automatic identification, dynamic monitoring
.Automatic data storage
.Tea bag material design, tea bag machine recommendation
.Significant growth: India, Indonesia, Malaysia,Thailand and so on.
.Efficient, flexible, large-scale, personalized.
.Start MOQ with 1 set.
.video support.
.Provide you with your tea bag requirement: size, shape, material and so on.
.Leading tea bag filling and sealing machine manufacturer in China.
.The machine can pack loose or packed tea.
.We can provide custom tea bag packing machine.

Want to get tea bag packing machine price?

#We provide some popular tea bag packaging machine such as pyramid triangle tea bag packing machine,tea pouch packing machine, tea sachet packing machine with double chamber.
#The bag types of the three tea packaging machines are quite different, so you need to choose a suitable tea packaging machine according to your company’s needs.
#Market research: different countries have different requirements for tea bags. Some regions like Cuba like double chamber tea bag with sting and tag, so tea bag filling and sealing machine is the best machine for the market. In European and American countries, pyramid tea bag is very popular, maybe this is the best choice. The machine that meets the needs of the market is the best-selling machine.
#Different brands of teabag packaging machines will have different costs. The quality of the packaging machine we developed is very good, and you will get a good user experience within the acceptable range.


Shuntian is a premier tea bag packing machine manufacturer in China. On the teabag packaging machine, we are your competent partner. Purchasing a tea bag packaging machine can be an expensive investment. You need to buy a tea bag filling and sealing machinery with excellent performance. Bad machines will only increase your costs and lose quality customer resources.

You can buy it for long-term packaging projects as well. Before you make a final decision, be sure to understand your needs and the type of tea bags you will be packaging.

Our team’s excellent design capabilities and professional solutions will prove our strength. Choosing our machine is your very wise choice.

Contact us:enquiry@chinashrinkmachine.com, whatsapp/tel:0086 13920077206

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What material is a tea bag made of?

Are tea bags better than loose leaf tea?

How many times should a tea bag be used?

What are the health benefits of tea bags?

Characteristics and requirements of tea packaging

Difference between double chamber tea bag packing machine with string and tag and two layer tea bag packing machine?

What is the benefit of drinking tea?

Let’s discuss it in details:

1.What material is a tea bag made of?

PE bags were very popular before, but this is a non-environmentally friendly material.

As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, there are generally non-woven fabrics, filter paper, corn fiber, nylon mesh and so on.

Nylon material (popularly called triangle bag, three-dimensional bag), transparent mesh is more fashionable, and it is also a material that can be downgraded.

This material of non-woven fabric will not produce harmful substances at high temperatures. Corn fiber is a new type of PLA material, and the explanation speed is very fast.

2.Are tea bags better than loose leaf tea?

This question cannot be generalized. It depends mainly on your needs and the number of people using it. Generally single person brewing tea, bagged tea is a better choice.

While there are some benefits to using loose-leaf tea, there are also drawbacks to this method. For example, the amount of tea leaf that a tea bag contains is not always the same as the amount you would use with loose leaves.

If you use a single tea bag to make a 20-oz mug of tea, it will be too strong, so you will need to add another one. Using loose leaves is a better option if you’d like to make minute adjustments in the strength of your brew.

3.How many times should a tea bag be used?

The recommended steeping time for tea bags varies depending on the type, oxidation level, and roasting process. If you’re unsure of the right time for your specific tea, you can read the manufacturer’s instructions. Using your teabags more than once can lead to the brew losing its flavor and possibly causing health problems. This article will discuss the best way to store your teabags to maximize their freshness and extend their life.

4.What are the health benefits of tea bags?

Tea is one of the best beverages you can drink every day, and there are many health benefits that come with it. It helps you feel better and is an excellent way to improve your overall wellness. There are many uses for used tea bags, including relieving sore throats, helping you relax after a long day, and even preventing sunburn.

5.Characteristics and requirements of tea packaging

Tea packaging has strict requirements on quality and time. Tea packaging must first choose packaging materials based on the characteristics of the tea (such as fear of moisture, light, odor, and mildew), in order to achieve the purpose of protecting the quality of tea. Secondly, it is necessary to facilitate storage and transportation, beautify products, promote products, suitable for display and sales, and facilitate identification, purchase, carrying, and use. The packaging of tea is generally done with a tea packaging machine.

6.Difference between double chamber tea bag packing machine with string and tag and two layer tea bag packing machine?

Generally, these two kinds of teabag machines use laminated film in the outer bag and filter paper material in the inner bag. The difference is as described in the title. The former has a label inside the inner bag, while the latter does not.

7.What is the benefit of drinking tea?

#Weight loss and body shaping: flower tea can promote body fat metabolism, have a slim and thin body effect.

#Beauty and beauty: flower tea can hydrate the skin, enhance skin elasticity, promote skin metabolism, enhance skin resistance and repair ability, can whiten and moisturize the skin, can improve the dull complexion and melanin deposits and other problems, remove pigmentation, make the complexion tender and white natural.

#Laxative and detoxification: It can purify the intestines and stomach, increase intestinal peristalsis, improve flatulence, strengthen liver metabolism, help remove impurities and waste from the body, improve constipation and treat constipation.

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