triangle tea bag packing machine

Automatic Pyramid Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine

A triangle tea bag packing machine is an automated tea bag packing machine that can package different types of tea bags. These are  pyramid or called triangle. The machine can pack 2000-4500 tea bags in one hour. The main advantage of this machine is that it can eliminate the extra edge, which makes it safer to use. In addition, it can produce more standardized and quality products.

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Feature for pyramid triangle tea bag packing machine:

1.A triangle tea bag packing machine is a multi-purpose packing machine that can package different kinds of raw tea.

2.The sealing is made of a single bond and has three sides to ensure a tight seal. It also features a removable metering bucket, which can be cleaned easily.

3.It can also switch between the two types of bags, such as the rectangular and triangle, depending on your requirements.

4.Aside from its versatility, it also has a precision volume metering system for easy material transformation. It uses a touch-screen color monitor and an electric scale.

5.The triangle tea bag packaging machine is ideal for the packaging of granules, pyramid and square-shaped tea bags.

6.It can pack 2000-4500 tea bags in an hour.

7.This pyramid teabag machine can be used to pack different types of tea, including herbal, flower, and health care teas. It can also be used for small granular products, such as coffee or food powder.

8.The most important feature of a triangle or pyramid tea bag packing machine is its ability to automatically seal the bags, which ensures a superior seal and a beautiful appearance.

9.A triangle tea bag packing machine has many benefits, from its ease of use to its reliability. Aside from the high-speed, high-precision, and accuracy of its functions, this machine can also pack other products, such as green tea, black tea, herbal or medicine-tea, or flower-tea granules.

10.Its automatic alarming function and PLC control system provide you with a high-quality, multifunctional machine.

Technical parameters of the triangle teabag machine:

Tea bag size triangle cone: 50-80 (one side)

Packing speed: 25-55 bag/min

Sealing:use two high frequency ultrasonic device at vertical and horizontal to sealing and cutting the triangle tea bag

Bag shapes:triangle bag and flat four corner bag

Filling range:2±0.5g/bag(can be customized)

Use packaging material width: 120, 140, 160, 180mm

Machine size (W*L*H) 800*800*1800mm

Use of electric power: Three-phase 220V 0.5kw

Machine weight 400kg

Benefit for using triangle tea bag packing machine

1.Triangle bag tea packaging machine solve the problems such as mildew and moisture of tea.
2.Triangle tea bag can saves the tedious tea ceremony brewing process,and satisfies busy work in a simple way.
3.Compared with ordinary filter paper packaging teabags, this triangle teabag can quickly expand the tea in a short time after injecting hot water,retaining the original flavor and natural fragrance of the raw materials,and not damaging the teabag.
4.Transparent mesh design, soaking for a long time,highlight the toughness and difficulty of tearing of the packaging material.
5.Triangle tea bag is no longer limited to containers,allowing you to enjoy a more convenient modern life anytime,anywhere.

Option device for pyramid teabag packing machine:

1.Automatic metering device for small quantities

2.Automatic label installation device

3.Auxiliary stocker push rod device

4.Raw material chute beating device

5.Sliding volume vibrator

6.Non-woven fabric corresponding device

7.Longitudinal sealing device for flat bags

Triangle tea bag packaging machine market

The triangle tea bag packaging machine market is segmented by regions and application. The market for this product is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world.

Manufacturers in these regions are expected to lead the industry. For instance, China, India, and Japan are among the leading consumers of tea in the world.

Moreover, these countries export tea to other countries around the world, which in turn will increase the demand for triangle shaped bags.

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