tea bag machine with string and tag

Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine With String And Tag

  • Packaging material: plastic, tea filter paper
  • Price terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment terms:T/T, L/C
  • Min order: 1 set

Check out this video on How To Use inner and outer tea bag packing Machine

Usage of the tea bagging packing machine:

It is a double chamber tea bag packing machine with string, tag, and suitable for double chamber tea bag products packing, such as medicinal tea and healthy teas, coffee, pack broken tea, diet tea, saffron, medical tea and herbal tea, etc.


1. Outer bag film is controlled by step motor, and bag length is stable and cutting position is accurate.
2.PLC control system, colour touch screen display, cup volumetric filler/electronic weighted measurement, this machine is the latest type of multi-function tea bag packaging machine.
3. All parts connecting packing material is stainless steel 304, keep the packing material clean and sanitary.
4. Inner bag is made by filter paper, which can be automatically packed with thread and label. Outer bag is made from compound film.

Technical Parameters for string tea bag packing machine:

Filling range(ml):3-15
Packing speed(bag/min):30-50
Tag size(mm):W:40-55 L:20-24
Thread length(mm):155
Inner bag size(mm):W:50-80L :50-70
Outer bag size(mm):W:70-90L :80-120
Dimension(mm) L*W*H:900*610*1500
Machine Weight(Kg):450

How does a tea bag machine work?

1. This can automatically complete bag making, filling, measuring, sealing, thread feeding, tag attaching, cutting and counting etc. It would highly improve the working efficiency and reduce labour expense.
2. Pins only need to be stapled by hand.
3. Adopt PLC control system, and also display screen, easy to operate.

Advantage of inner and outer tea bag packing machine:

Inner and outer bags integrated
personal customization
contactless,more hygienic
system stability

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