outer and inner tea bag packing machine

Small Automatic Inner and Outer Bag Tea Bag Packing Machine

The innner and outer tea bag packing machine is a highly efficient granule packaging machine. The machine is designed to pack double-chamber teabags with tea dust, CTC black-tea, or desiccant.It offers three or four-sided packaging, which makes it an ideal option for a wide variety of products. Its compact design allows you to easily carry more bags and enjoy your tea.

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Features for small inner and outer tea bag packing machine

1.The double chamber tea bag packing machine can automatically complete the bag making process, including thread feeding, sealing, cutting, and counting.
2.It has a PLC control system that allows easy settings.
3.The sealing temperature can be set to ensure the tea bags stay fresh until they are drunk.
4.A safety lock feature prevents the operator from accidentally touching the rotating blade.
5.It is also equipped with an emergency shutdown button.
6.Its multi-level safety system has overload and creepage protection, as well as a color touch screen.
7.In addition, the machine can produce up to 55 bags per minute.

Technical parameters:

Filling range:4-50ml
Packing speed:30-55 bags/min
Inner bag: width:20-75mm length 50-110mm
Outer bag:width:40-105mm length 70-150mm
Dimension: (L*W*H) 1100X1000X1900mm

Advantage for double chamber tea bag machine:

1.This machine is designed to ensure the quality and freshness of the tea bags, and has built-in safety features.
2.The double chamber tea bag packing machine can be a high-quality option for your business. The price of this tea bag packing machine is reasonable and competitive.
3.This machine is an essential addition to any tea business.
4.In addition to saving time, it also helps you boost your productivity and boost your business’s profit. This machine will increase your sales.

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