Tips before you start a non woven bag manufacturing factory

Non-woven bags are accepted by more and more people because of their environmental protection, beautiful and durable characteristics, and they are also popular in the packaging market. So how to start a non-woven bag factory and what aspects need to be started? Point for your reference.

  1. Conduct market research to determine your target customers. At present, non-woven bags are widely used: clothing packaging bags, supermarket shopping bags, gift and food outer packaging bags.
  2. After determining your main customer groups and product types, you need to select the equipment. At present, our non-woven bag making machines are mainly divided into two categories. The first category is ordinary non-woven bag making machines, which are mainly used for the production of non-woven flat bags, vest bags, and handbags. The applicable materials are mainly ordinary Non-woven fabrics, the second category is the three-dimensional bag making machine, which is mainly used for the production of non-woven three-dimensional bags. The applicable materials are normal non woven and laminated non woven.Related supporting printing equipment, mainly flexo printing, silk screen printing, offset printing
  1. Determine your own investment budget and production capacity requirements, and select and match equipment accordingly.

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