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Tips how to start a gourmet popcorn business – Shuntian

3 tips on how to start a gourmet popcorn business

Popcorn, as a fashionable snack food today, is a sanitary and healthy low-calorie snack that contains cellulose, protein, minerals and rich carbohydrates needed by the human body.

Many people want to do popcorn business, so what advice does it have? Here we have listed  3 tips.

1. Market and advantages of popcorn business

2. How to make popcorn

3. How to package popcorn for sales

snack popcorn packaging

Market and advantages of popcorn business

(1) Large market space

According to statistics, 90% of people like to eat popcorn, especially women, children and the elderly.

(2) Richer taste

It can burst out a variety of rice flowers suitable for various flavors, such as cantaloupe, chocolate, lychee, pineapple, strawberry and other flavors. The taste is unique, not greasy after a long time, and it is crunchy and delicious. The advanced production technology and unique formula are the guarantee for the success of the students.

(3) The operation is easier

The operation of this project is simple. After being taught by the technicians, it is ensured that each student can master the whole process of making popcorn.

(4) Low risk and good benefit

Low cost, only special corn and popcorn packaging machines are needed. Both store operation and mobile vehicle operation are acceptable.

snack popcorn standard up packing

How to make gourmet popcorn?

You can choose to cook it in a pot or use a popcorn machine. The popcorn machine only needs to put the popcorn into the machine and activate the timing button to complete the operation. Below we introduce the method of making it with a pot.

1. Add butter to the pot and heat it on low heat;

2. Add corn kernels, close the lid, high heat, hold the lid with one hand, and hold the wok with the other hand and shake it (with a distance of about 1 cm from the fire). You can hear the crackling in about 1 minute. The sound of;

3. After hearing the crackling sound, turn to a low heat, continue to hold the lid with one hand, and hold the wok with the other hand and shake it continuously for about 3 minutes. The sound gradually becomes smaller and the sound almost disappears. Open the lid

4. You can see that the corn kernels have been popped into popcorn, immediately add two spoons of sugar, then stir with a spatula, and turn off the heat when the sugar has melted and touched the popcorn. The sweet popcorn is complete.

How to package popcorn for sale?

There are no rules for popcorn packaging. At present, there is no law that clearly defines the packaging methods and standards of popcorn, which means that manufacturers can pack whatever they want!

First, we need to choose popcorn packing material.

Generally it has the following materials:paper bags, plastic bags (subdivided into degradable plastic bags and non-degradable plastic bags), paper boxes, popcorn tin and so on. Each package has its own advantages and disadvantages, but plastic bag packaging is the most economical one.

Second, pack it by popcorn packing machine, it makes the popcorn packing more easily and beautiful.

FL type vertical granule packing machine

Its function is to transform the film material into a cylindrical shape to facilitate packaging materials. The adoption, formulation and use of the bag forming machine also determines the packaging form of the equipment, the shape and length of the packaging bag, and the packaging effect. Therefore, it is very important to adopt the shaper and formulate calculations. There are many types of bag-shaped containers, depending on the applicable packaging length of the bag-making former.

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