Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Troubleshooting: How To Slove

Vertical form fill seal machine is a vertical packaging machine category, vertical packaging machine can be divided into small vertical packaging machine, medium-sized and large vertical packaging machine, if the vertical packaging machine inevitably break down when in use, then there are common failures then how to repair it, see below:

1, the material is added to the heat sealing parts

Failure causes: bagging time and heat sealing time is not coordinated.

Solution: connected with the turntable gear for the second gear, the second gear push up, change the bite position, so that it is not in the sealing time point bagging. The ideal down time should start after the lateral sealing is finished, and after proper adjustment, do not change easily

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2, Already made the timing bagging adjustment, again out of order

Cause of failure: poorly fixed turntable, keys and set screws loose, or fixed position is not correct, the turntable in the opening and closing action of the opener is out of order.

Solution: The turntable will be fixed in the correct position, re-fix the keys and screws, and adjust the opening and closing mechanism of the opener to the correct position after the opener is fixed.

3, notching knife can not interrupt the film

Failure cause one: the main beating mouth knife edge and vice beating mouth knife surface clearance is not adjusted.

Solution: The main beating mouth knife edge and vice beating mouth knife edge to all contact, and appropriate adjustment of the compression spring bolts, so that both sides of the spring pressure balance.

Failure reason two: the beating mouth knife blade is broken.

Solution: Grind the knife mouth or replace the new knife.

4, when the seal is not up to standard and not sealed

check the temperature: check whether to reach the appropriate temperature, check whether the heating plate is working normally, check whether there are foreign objects in the knife seat, whether the air pressure is normal, etc.

5, the back seal moves back and forth, not standard

1, see whether there is deviation in the position of each stop wheel, see whether there is a film jam in the process of pulling the film, whether the packaging film pressure plate is intact and not loose.

6, aluminum film air leakage 

First of all, check whether the aluminum film itself is a material problem, it is recommended to buy aluminum film from the regular channels; check whether the inflation pressure is too high, resulting in the sealing place propped open; check whether there are fine material entrapment; work pressure adjustment; check whether the film is scraped in the process of pulling the film.

7, can not pull down the film

Check if the synchronous belt has hit the leakage phenomenon; Look at the collar to see if there is any foreign matter; Look at the film guide wheel to see if there is a jam; See if the film release motor is working; Look at the high temperature tape to see if there is damage.

According to normal, the general vertical form fill seal machine troubleshooting includes these, so before starting the machine every day you need to check the condition of the machine at all times and the need to clean the vertical packaging machine at the end of the day, thought to cause these failures. Once the failure occurs, it will cause a waste of time repair and reduce efficiency. The cost of this increase. Staff who are not familiar with the machine need to be trained to operate it, but also to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

When a problem occurs with the vertical form fill seal machine, it can be adjusted according to the above method. The process of adjustment needs to be tried continuously to adjust the best condition. If you still can not adjust, you can contact the manufacturer for processing.

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