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What is the raw materials of shrink film?

POF heat shrinkable film manufacturers introduce what shrinking film we usually use is usually made of what raw materials? Shrink film believes that everyone should be very familiar with it. If it is not very familiar, wrap film should be familiar to everyone. The plastic wrap is just like the name of the film, so the shrink film is similar to the cling film, it is a film, just Their functions are different. The other shrink film is also a heat shrinkable film. It can be placed inside the shrinking furnace. The products packaged by the shrink film are particularly beautiful and have good marketing performance and are favored by the public.

fully auto L bar seal shrink machine

Shrink film is used in tableware packaging bags, POF shrink film, tableware packaging film, food, medicine, handicrafts, industrial shrink packaging bags, packaging film, POF shrink film blowing machine. Product types include roll film, split film, single film, film, bag film, and printed film. Specifications are 10um, 12um, 15um, 17um, 19um, 25um, 30um. At present, the company’s products basically cover the national market and have won unanimous praise from the majority of users.

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