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What is the sealing technology method of washing powder packaging machine

Washing powder packaging machines generally use electric pulse heating and pressure sealing. The plastic packaging bag filled with tea is vacuum treated with electric pulse pressure, and then the composite plastic film is pressed against the nickel-chromium alloy flat electric heating tape with high-temperature foaming rubber, and it passes instantaneously (0.5~2 seconds) Heat sealing with low voltage and high current. This method is suitable for plastic film packaging that is easily decomposed and deformed by heat, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, nylon, etc. After heating and sealing, the packaging has good sealing effect and stable quality.
The control circuit of the heating and sealing system of the washing powder packaging machine is used to realize the controllable input of pulse current to ensure the quality of the sealing. The main electrical components of the system include: transformer, PLC, man-machine interface, and heating strip.

Washing powder pouch sachet packing machine
The low-voltage large current is obtained through the transformer, which is used for the power input of the heating belt, and the PLC controller is used to realize the on and off control of the current on the output side of the transformer. Time-sharing heating of the electric heating zone, real-time adjustment of the electric heating pulse width through the man-machine interface.
The heating and sealing device is completely placed in the vacuum chamber, and the packaging bag that needs to be sealed is pushed into the vacuum chamber by the air cylinder through the bag-in mechanism, and the packaging is sealed after the vacuum treatment. The heating belt is installed flatly on a high-temperature-resistant bottom plate and covered with high-temperature tape to prevent the plastic packaging material from melting and sticking to the heating belt. This ensures that the plastic packaging material is evenly heated. The cylinder pushes the high-temperature resistant rubber to tightly press the electric heating belt on the plastic packaging bag, and heat the electric heating belt by instantaneous large current, and heat sealing by high temperature. Through time control, compressed air is introduced after the cylinder is retracted to cool the heat-sealed part on the one hand; on the other hand, make the plastic bag exit the vacuum chamber smoothly. In order to prolong the service life of the heating tape and ensure that the plastic packaging film will not be burned by high temperature, firstly, the effective heating time interval is measured through experiments, and the effective temperature interval is measured; secondly, the heating cycle can be modified in real time through the touch screen and PLC communication. In addition, the numerical value interval is limited in the numerical input control on the touch screen to prevent the equipment and packaging media from being damaged due to the vituperation of the operator.
Through PLC control, the heating time can be optimized and the sealing efficiency can be improved. The on-site use shows that the selection of suitable gas source ensures that the machine packaging speed reaches 200 packs per hour. This method is generally suitable for intermittent sealing. Such small, low-input fully automated equipment is widely used, which not only meets food safety requirements, but also saves labor and improves efficiency. The program has high degree of automation, low investment, stable performance, and is suitable for vacuum packaging of small and medium-sized enterprise products.

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